An intelligent asset management solution which enables your business to interface with the real world through IoT technology. Through intuitive task management, your business can gain real-world benefits though easily integrating your business into our platform.

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Inventory Management

Manage and understand your inventory

Inventory your assets easily using RFID and understand your stock levels

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Asset Management

Control your businesses assets

Manage your business assets by using traxsense to assign, report, inventory, and track your assets

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Inspection Managment

Understand the conditions of your assets

Ensure that the assets you have deployed in the field are in optimum condition.

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A quick glance at what Traxsense can provide


Use Traxsense to request inventories, inspections, picking, managing registration, and issuing.

Through the use of Barcode, RFID, BLE, ML Kit, Sigfox, Geolocation, and many more Traxsense does the low-level work so that your business doesn't have to.

Using static readers, gateways, and GPS, Traxsense can give you a real-time view of your assets and where they are.

Our rule engine gives you the ability to alert, export, effect, and optimize your workflow.

If you are currently using barcodes in your business and would like to enable your business to use RFID look no further than Traxsense.